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Music Reel Portfolio - 2023

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Wholesome Monster Girl Academia - Trailer Theme

GENOKIDS - Trailer Theme

Spirit Orb Pets - Trailer
[Composition/Mix/Master & SFX]

Monospaced Lovers - Trailer Theme

Aethyr - Kickstarter Trailer


GENOKIDS - Gameplay

Realms of Requiem - Gameplay

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I'm Ignacio "Michi" Michea, a freelance composer currently working with:Labyrinth on Aethyr;
Scarlet String Studios on Monospaced Lovers;
Tentakero on Project Cappuccino 2;
Heartfelt Games on Wholesome Monster Girl Academia.
SmoggySoft on Reindeer Story.
T4TGames on Project Acras.

"Do you work for exposure?"No."I only need one or two songs for my project, do you work on small projects?"Yes, in that case I usually do a rate per minute of the song."What are your usual rates?"
It depends mainly on the project budget, music genre and amount of songs needed.
I prefer to discuss the per minute rate and buyout amount but it usually goes from $250 to $350 for a standard 2 minute song."Indie developer" rate applies if it's a group of songs or special project, so even if you are on a tight budget, send a msg!"Do you do sfx / sound design?"
Yes, I've work a bit on sound design but my main skills are in music production [Composition/Mix/Mastering].
"Can you just work on mixing a song?"
Usually yes.
"What is your main gear / equipment?"
My current main DAW is Sonar and Cakewalk by bandlab, I've been working with it for +5 years now; I also know how to use Cubase.
I work mainly with Kontakt 7 using a bunch of libraries from different companies (8Dio, Spitfire, Impact Soundworks, Sonuscore, etc.)My recording gear is a Scarlett Focusrite 8i6, two guitar amps, some pedals, a couple of microphones and a couple of MIDI keyboards.Main plugins for mixing and mastering: Izotope Music Production Suite 5 (Ozone 10, Neutron 4, RX 10, Insight 2, etc.)My studio monitors are a pair of Presonus Eris E8 and extra reference speakers."┬┐Hablas espa├▒ol?"
Si!, I can speak/type both in English and Spanish, as Spanish is my main language.
Puedo hablar/escribir tanto en espa├▒ol como ingl├ęs, ya que mi lengua principal es el espa├▒ol."Who is that cat in the photo?"
That's my cat, he is called Benito.


If you want to contact me directly:
My discord is: Michi#4861
My discord username is: michivgc
My email is: [email protected]